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The aromatic coconut originate from Thailand. With its fascinating fragrance, sweet flavor, and great health benefits, the aromatic coconut is internationally popular. The aromatic coconut with high quality can only be grown in a few select provinces in thailand, such as Ratchaburi and Nakhon Pathom, which is abundant in natural resources as vital minerals, rich soil and a surplus of available water. With the soil’s superior fertility and the presence of year-round sunlight, aromatic coconut palm is growing well in this area. With the hard work of farmers and Vilai Inter Co., Ltd., as a result, our aromatic coconut product is distinctively fragrant, sweet, refreshing, and healthy.

Now our customers of the aromatic coconut are from Thailand, China, Malaysia and Dubai. We hope our product could be received by more customers from different countries. With all sincerity, we hope we can build mutual benefit cooperational partners base of your support and create a bright future together.


Our Product of the Aromatic Coconut


9pcs of Diamond Shape
(We can also make the Diamond Shape with green husk or semi green according to customers' need)



18 pcs of Polished Young Coconut


24 pcs of Polished Young Coconut


32 pcs of Polished Young Coconut


40 pcs of Polished Young Coconut



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